The following is for a full-Service Post Office (Full A, Shared or Rural B)


# Document Instructions
1 Demande de concession
  • Ensure TAX numbers are indicated
    • GST/HST (9 digits, 2 alpha, 4 digits)
    • QST
    • PST
2 Formulaire de vérification de sécurité, de consentement et d’autorisation du personnel Security Screening Intruction Guide
3 Formulaire de demande d’empreintes digitales
  • Please bring this form with you and ask the officer conducting your fingerprint check to complete the below portion of the form.
4 Security Additional Information
  • Once you have completed the fingerprinting process, submit the following documents to your Canada Post representative:
    • Fingerprints Form, with sections A and B completed.
    • If fingerprints were taken using the ink and roll method, the paper form and all documents must be submitted in their original form; they cannot be scanned and emailed. Forms are to be submitted to your Canada Post representative by mail or courier service of your choice.
    • Personnel Screening, Consent and Authorization Form, with required signatures and supporting documentation, only if it has not been submitted.
    • Supplemental Security Form if required.
    • Photocopy (front and back) of two valid (not expired), original pieces of Canadian government-issued identification. One piece of ID must show a photo.
    • Copy of the original fingerprinting receipt, if the service was provided by an authorized agency other than Canada Post or the Commissionaires.
5 Personal Financial Statement (Excel file –
2 worksheets)
  • When available also include Annual Report; Business financial Statement; Letter of Incorporation; Certification of amendment – business corporation act


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